Crystal IT

Location: Australia

Cloud billing system for the sale of online services

Crystal IT required a recurring cloud billing system to facilitate the order process and automate invoicing for their cloud services.

Their ideal solution needed to pro-rate invoices for services ordered during a month as well as send out recurring invoices based on their packages and terms.

Customers were required to make payment in Australian Dollar (AUD) using EFT or cheque as their preferred payment method.

Rule-based cloud billing simplifies automated invoicing

The SnapBill system was exactly what Crystal IT was looking for. Crystal IT could add their services to SnapBill and create different price packages that could be ordered online by their customers.

SnapBill's flexible rule-based cloud billing allowed Crystal IT to easily setup and customise the desired pro-rated invoicing.

Using SnapBill's billing modules Crystal IT could easily enable the EFT payment method, by just entering their bank account details, and immediately start accepting payments in AUD.

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