Why join the team?

We are a small, fast paced startup and have every intention of remaining that way while we grow. Now is your time to make a difference.

The company

SnapBill is profitable, and fully bootstrapped which means we don't answer to anyone besides ourselves. We can offer you a decent chunk of equity, a good salary and one of the best work environments in the country.

We're growing faster than we could have ever imagined. Our clients include insurance companies billing hundreds of thousands of clients, we're just trying to keep up. We also have awesome plans for features that we want to get into the system, but need you to help our clients understand them.

Our code

SnapBill is written in PHP and also includes backend scripts written in Python. We use git for source control, and the awesome for code reviews. We run a completely automated Jenkins continuous deployment system, and automatically test any changes with phpUnit unit tests and Selenium controlled automated website browsers.

On the backend side our system is deployed on top of Amazon EC2. Our main database runs on a sharded MySQL setup, which is accessed by multiple web servers running Nginx behind a load balancer. We also use Redis for key-value store (as well as a couple more complicated uses), and run a backend worker queue system based on Beanstalkd.

You can read a little about our unique browseable api or our template language on our developer site (which unfortunately we have not had a chance to update recently.)

Our challenges

We're growing faster than we could have possibly imagined. Our clients include insurance companies billing hundreds of thousands of clients and we're just trying to keep up. We have a lot of scaling work to do, there is a serious focus on security (we store banking details) and running massive system with a large codebase. We also have huge plans for many more advanced features that we want to make it into the system.

Snappiness it's like happiness but better

  • Work with an awesome group of people, at a hot South African startup.
  • Receive a good salary with some equity on the side.
  • Work the hours that you want to - just get stuff done.
  • Paid holidays and fifteen days extra paid time off.
  • Fresh fruit, free lunch and good coffee.
  • Not your cup of coffee, but know someone who may be interested?

We do have a R5,000 bonus if you refer someone we hire. So let us know :)

Join the clan

Send us an email to and bring some snappiness into your life.

Please include a cover letter with details of your past exploits, current occupation and anything else you deem important. A résumé would be handy too. You should have atleast tried out the SnapBill system to be sure its something you would enjoy working on.

Apply for the position

We also have a R5,000 bonus if we hire someone you refer.