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Easy to use recurring billing API wanted for application

22seven required a billing solution that would accommodate monthly billing whilst connecting to their own systems via an easily integratable billing API.

Once-off payments were to be collected and recurring payments were to be batched and submitted for collection on the first of every month.

Batch collections via our billing API increase cash flow:

22seven chose to make use of SnapBill's batch collection functionality. Billing information is loaded onto the Snapbill system from 22seven via the SnapBill recurring billing API.

Debit batches are built for 22seven by SnapBill and they can easily choose when their batches action, which customers are included and which payment details should be used.

One-Stop credit card payment and recurring billing solution

RedFish connects customers and tradesmen in the home improvement and construction industry. Customers post their requirements free of charge allowing vetted, rated tradesmen quote them.

Theunis Hanekom, founder and MD: “As a startup with limited resources we required an easy and cost-effective solution to facilitate our monthly subscription-payments as well as once-off lead-to-lead sales (think thousands of transactions a month on different days and times, prices and categories). SnapBill was the perfect one-stop-shop solution, and on top of this, their team also supported us with their vast knowledge, friendly advice and direction. This allows us to focus on what we are best at: finding the best tradesmen for our customers home improvement jobs. Awesome!”

Visit RedFish the next time you are looking for a handyman, plumber, architect or any other tradesmen for your construction or home improvement project.

We make it easy to sell digital goods online:

Due to SnapBill's simple setup process, RedFish did not have to incur costs on developing custom integration solutions. Integration took place via our webhooks and comprehensive billing API and this allowed RedFish to begin accepting credit card payments in less than seven days.

RedFish tradesmen can sign up for monthly subscriptions or buy leads using SnapBill as their primary payment switch to facilitate settlement through a variety of payment collection channels. Customer, billing, order and payment data is processed via SnapBill and our mulit-user support allows the team at RedFish to work de-centralized, reducing risk and increasing sales flexibility. Automated recurring payments using debit order collection and credit card processing ensure RedFish gets paid in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Automated billing for financial wellbeing software

6Cents is a new online financial tool to consumers. 6cents offers holistic financial solutions that assists in empowering you to make better financial decisions throughout your life.

They provide online tools such as tax submissions, credit scoring and compiling a will, while offering consumers insights into budgeting, more prudent choices of financial products and being better informed about their rights.

6Cents was using a service where they could only do once-off or subscription service, which created limitations due to the lack of customisation. Their billing service includes both monthly subscriptions and once-off services, with automated invoices.

SnapBill managed to provide 6Cents with all its customisations that it required as we believe that each business is different and has different billing needs.

Felixble SaaS billing system with excellent client service:

6Cents now makes use of our custom fields to capture specified data and uses this in combination with our rule-based functions to bill their clients according to those fields.

SnapBill provides 6Cents with value for money in it's flexibility. One of their most valued things about SnapBill is our support and eagerness to adapt our system to their needs.

When asked about their experience thus far, Ina Joubert, Product Executive had this to say: "Brilliant, we were made aware of certain issues and our own ignorance before we knew about them. Client service is hard to find, but you will get this from SnapBill."


Software application bettering the health industry

DocDiary links doctors with patients. Not only does the secure platform bring patients to the doctors, it takes care of appointment scheduling with a reliable and user-friendly online solution. DocDiary transforms service delivery and will grow practices with minimal effort.

Using innovation and technology to address real problems and frustrations, DocDiary provides a better healthcare experience.

DocDiary required a more reliable means of collecting payment for their services, they were interested in a solution that could both provide invoicing, record keeping while automating debit order collections.

Automated invoicing and payment collection via debit order:

DocDiary made use of of one of SnapBill's supported payment gateways and immediately switched their clients to debit order.

The switch over was seamless, their clients received debit mandates automatically attached to their invoices, and loaded banking details for each client. The mandates they received can be stored on each clients profile for record keeping.

Since setting up SnapBill they have been building batches and have switched to a much more reliable means of collecting payment that saves both themselves and their clients the hassle of having to remember to pay each month. The also assists in avoiding suspension of their valuable services.

Cloud billing system for the sale of online services

Crystal IT required a recurring cloud billing system to facilitate the order process and automate invoicing for their cloud services.

Their ideal solution needed to pro-rate invoices for services ordered during a month as well as send out recurring invoices based on their packages and terms.

Customers were required to make payment in Australian Dollar (AUD) using EFT or cheque as their preferred payment method.

Rule-based cloud billing simplifies automated invoicing:

The SnapBill system was exactly what Crystal IT was looking for. Crystal IT could add their services to SnapBill and create different price packages that could be ordered online by their customers.

SnapBill's flexible rule-based billing allowed Crystal IT to easily setup and customise the desired pro-rated invoicing.

Using SnapBill's billing modules Crystal IT could easily enable the EFT payment method, by just entering their bank account details, and immediately start accepting payments in AUD.

Business to business billing solution for software developer

Digital Cabinet was established for the purpose of developing a simple, holistic document management and scanning solution catering to the SME market.

Digital Cabinet focuses it's purpose on catering to the SME market. With it's core focus being on creating custom solutions to match each client's custom requirements, automation of their billing system was a key requirement.

Automated billing process from signup of services to monthly payment:

SnapBill provides Digital Cabinet with a signup form with which their clients can either login to view their client area and download their recent invoices, update their banking details or even upgrade packages. New clients can now easily signup for any of their services.

Signup is simple, from there, you'll be able to order, pay for, and activate any of their services.

Co-working office space billing for offices and hot desking

Codebridge required a simplified means of automatically invoicing their members for their monthly fees as well as processing EFT payments.

Invoices needed to be sent automatically, a means of payment reminders was required as well as support for different package types.

Service and package configuration for subscription billing:

SnapBill's service and package function was the ideal solution for Codebridge. All package options are grouped under the Hot Desk "Service". Members can now easily select between packages of different types i.e full-time, part-time, student. Packages can be adjusted to have different term options such as weekly, monthly and annual fees.

All members receive their invoices on time and when payments are made via EFT, The Codebridge bank statement is then imported into SnapBill to process payments When payments are overdue, the Past Due Warning System is used to remind members of payments and warn them of suspension.


Flexible mobile application billing for mobile solutions

Squirrels was looking for a mobile application billing solution that allows them to sell mobile applications online and automate recurring credit card collections. Payments were to be accepted in USD via PayPal and Stripe.

Customer checkout needed to be completed via their online shopping cart which had to be integrated with SnapBill via our billing API.

We make it easy to sell mobile applications online:

SnapBill provided Squirrels with an easy-to-use cloud-based billing solution, which fulfills their mobile billing requirements and automates the sending out once-off invoices as well as those based off recurring charges.

Since SnapBill supports all currencies it was simple to activate USD as their preferred currency and setting up PayPal and Stripe via SnapBill's integrated modules took only a few minutes.

Squirrels customers can order licenses for their mobile applications from their own website, using their shopping cart. Customer, billing and order data is sent to SnapBill via our billing API and we do the rest. Providing Squirrels quick and efficient recurring credit card processing facilities and ensuring they get paid in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

South Africa's largest free online quoting engine

When you know what you want to buy, AllQuotes is your last stop. AllQuotes promises you a smooth experience. They have 1400 categories in 41 areas, making your search simple. You simply search for the relevant category and area, and submit your details. AllQuotes will send your request for quotation to 7 trusted businesses/suppliers that are listed with them.

AllQuotes needed an online invoicing and payment collection solution to allow their customers to buy leads on a prepaid and subscription basis, invoice and charge for banner advertising as well as allow license partners to purchase licenses while tracking referral commissions.

Easy quotations, pro-forma invoices and online recurring invoicing:

With SnapBill, AllQuotes and their business customers can easily create quotations, pro-forma invoices and convert these, with the click of a button, to a fully compliant tax invoice. AllQuotes connects to SnapBill via the billing API and uses our webhooks to get notified of customer payments.

SnapBill makes it easy for AllQuotes to get paid and simplifies service provisioning by ensuring payment data is available to AllQuotes systems when its required. The SnapBill commission module is used to track license partner commissions based on actual payments collected. Customisable reports are provided to be used for accurate commission payouts.

Through our payment gateway integrations AllQuotes is able to accept payment via credit card, debit order, instant EFT, online / mobile wallets as well as by using prepaid vouchers.

Capture and debit customers while tracking commissions

Destiny Life required an insurance billing system to simplify and validate the capture of customer data from all its offices and call centers. Collaboration between offices, resellers and staff was key.

Customer data was required to be available to all Destiny Life insurance staff and access to sensitive information was to be restricted to certain individuals within the organisation.

Provision for the storage of all customer and insurance billing data was to be made as well as the automation of the complete payment collection process via debit order batches set for processing on specific days of the month.

The calculation of reseller commissions was vital and SnapBill needed to store customer's records with the required office and agent identifiers in order to simplify reseller commission tracking and reporting.

Secure, customisable insurance billing solution with modular permissions:

Since SnapBill runs on the cloud it can be accessed from any web-enabled device. This made connecting Destiny Life's offices and call centers a breeze as no initial capital outlay or infrastructure was required.

Destiny Life's staff was given individual user accounts to access the SnapBill system. This allowed Destiny Life to control the staff members who could access information and enabled SnapBill to keep a full audit history of the actions performed by Destiny Life staff on the SnapBill system.

SnapBill securely stores all of Destiny Life's insurance billing data. This includes both bank account and credits cards. This data is stored in an encrypted manner and staff of Destiny Life only has access to non-sensitive billing information. SnapBill ensures Destiny Life as well as its customers are protected.

Custom fields were used to store values used by Destiny Life in order to facilitate the calculation of commission. SnapBill's multi-tier commission module was configured to generate a comprehensive, period based, reseller commission report that is updated in real-time based on actual debit order collections.

Enterprise debit order collections with complex pricing tiers

Direct Debit is a debit order collection company that provides their clients with a banking level collection service.

Starting off, Direct Debit required a billing platform that provided them with the ability to automate their complicated invoicing setup where they had different packages and pricing tiers.

Batch payment collections with automatic reconcilliation:

Direct Debit also needed to make use of SnapBill’s comprehensive batch collection functionality to process their own debit order batches for the collection fees and to reconcile automatically making the process effortless.

Automation of both the invoicing and the advanced batch collection functionality contributed to making sure that each Direct Debit clients were confident in the detailed billing of their fees which could then be easily traced back to their accounts.

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