Super flexible billing

Currencies, taxes and custom rules. We do billing your way.

Flexible Billing
Powerful Rules

Powerful billing rules

Powerful billing rules can be setup without any programming knowledge. You may use billing rules to configure trial periods, setup custom tax behaviors, automate messages based on triggers or even create complex invoicing terms.

Payment Modules

Payment modules on demand

Choose between our range of supported payment gateways. Enable multiple payment methods and allow us to switch your transactions in the most cost effective and efficient manner. We will integrate with any viable payment gateway.

Currency Support

Bill in any currency

All currencies (are supported from within our billing system. Enable currencies as required and we will automatically split revenue, reporting and statistics per client based on their selected currency.

Flexible Taxes

Flexible tax configuration

Many possible tax configurations are supported. Enable multiple tax types, add or subtract taxes from totals. You have full control to specify taxes on your invoices as required.

User Permissions

Modular user permissions

Staff members in your organisation as well as outside users can be assigned modular permissions to your account. Create multiple access groups and place users in them. Permissions can be fine tuned to your exact specification. Giving you complete peace of mind and full control.

Custom Fields

Custom fields for extendability

Add custom fields to customers and services and store the data you require. Set field types, default values, validation rules and descriptions. Choose when and where fields are available. Custom fields can easily be added to reports and used in the setup of powerful billing rules.

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